Monday, 20 March 2017

芋头馅 (Mashed yam filling)

去皮芋头   600克
细砂糖       100克
无盐奶油     36克
全脂奶粉     24克

做法 :
1。 将去皮的芋头切成丁,然后大火蒸20分钟。
2。 趁热加入细砂糖,奶油和奶粉,以搅泥器(或叉子)和汤匙快速搅拌均匀即可。
3。 冷却后即可用来做蛋糕,并干,面包,糕点的馅料。

Steamed diced yum

Add in sugar, butter and milk powder.

搅泥器( 来自一位善良,能干的好姐妹,谢谢,感恩哦)
masher (A gift from a kind and talented sister, thank you very much!)

While the steamed yam still hot,  
use masher(or folk) and spoon  to mash and mix it well.

Mash Yam Filling

Ingredients :
Skin yam   600g
Caster sugar      100g
Unsalted butter     36g
Full cream milk powder    24g

Method : 
1.  Dice the yam and steam with high flame for 20 minutes.
2.  While the steamed yam still hot, add in the sugar, butter and milk powder. use By using masher(or folk) and spoon mash and mix well as soon as possible.
3.  Once the mashed yam is cool down, it can be use as filling for cake,biscuit,bread and kuih. 

@@@@@ Enjoy ! @@@@@@

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  1. I love yam and anything that contains yam. This yam filling appears quite easy to make!


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