Tuesday, 2 May 2017

黑糯米三色糕(Tri Color Black Glutinous Rice Cake)

Hi.......it has been quite a long time since I last appeared on my humble sharing blog.
Perhaps you have almost forgotten me, or perhaps you are missing me?
Hah.....hah.....if yes then it is much appreciated.

Due to my problematic netbook, I couldn't post my sharing, so I am here to say sorry about that.
Now  I have a new laptop to interact  with my beloved friends and followers, hopefully I will receive warm support as before.

This Tri Color Nyonya Kuih has been hibernating in my drafts for some time.
Today, I would like to share it with you as my first post using my new laptop. Hope you will like it.

食谱参考 : Aromas of Kuihs

材料A  (底层)
250克      煮熟黑糯米
90克         粘米粉
20克         绿豆粉
150毫升   浓缩椰奶
150克       糖
1/2 茶匙    盐
250毫升   水

材料B   (中层)
125克       粘米粉
  20克       绿豆粉
  35克       木薯粉
100克       糖
600克       水
5汤匙       班兰叶汁
食用绿色素  1滴

材料C  (上层)
200克       橙肉蕃薯泥
40克         粘米粉
40克         木薯粉
15克          面粉
150毫升    浓缩椰奶

100克         糖
200毫升     水

做法 :
1。 材料A拌匀,煮至稍微浓稠,然后倒入已抹上油的8寸蒸盘内。蒸15分钟。
2。 材料B拌匀,煮至稍微浓稠,倒在做法(1)上,蒸15分钟。
3。 材料D煮滚,冲入材料C中拌匀,煮至稍微浓稠,倒在做法(2)上,再蒸20分钟即可。  

Trio Color Black Glutinous Rice Cake
8" square steaming pan
Recipe adapted : Aromas of Kuihs

Ingredients A  (Bottom layer)
250g      cooked black glutinous rice
90g        rice flour
20g        green bean starch
150ml    concentrated coconut milk
150g      sugar
1/2 tsp   salt
250ml    water

Ingredients B   (Middle)
125g     rice flour
  20g     green bean starch
  35g     tapioca flour
100g     sugar
600g     water
5tbsp    pandan juice
Green coloring   1drop

Ingredients C  (Top layer)
200g    mashed orange-fleshed sweet potato
40g      rice flour
40g      tapioca  flour
15g      flour
150ml  concentrated coconut milk

Ingredients  D
100g       sugar
200ml     water

Method  : 
1.  Grease the 8" steaming pan. Mix ingredients A and cook till slightly thickened. Pour the black glutinous rice mixture into the pan, steam for 15 minutes.

2.  Mix ingredients B and cook till slightly thickened. Pour the pandan juice mixture onto the (step 1), steam for 15 minutes.

3.  Boil ingredients D and pour it into ingredients C, stir evenly. Cook the mixture slightly thickened. Pour in onto the (step 2),  then steam for another 20 minutes.

@@@@@ Enjoy ! @@@@@



  1. Beautiful and delicious, thank you for sharing your priceless recipe, Aunty Young.

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Hi prispoh,
      Nice to see you here again. You are welcome.
      Aunty Young

  2. 原来netbook有问题哦。放心,我不会忘记你的,嘻嘻 (^_−)−☆

  3. 好吸引人的三色糕, 棒极了!

  4. The combination of colour looks really lovely. Wish I can have a slice or two. Yummm....

  5. Aunty Young, your kueh is so colorful! Kind of remind me of beaded jewelry. Must be very delicious!


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